In my imagination, I take a camera, a sketch pad, and a notebook and head out to see what I can find. I walk country roads. I climb mountains. I let the ocean waves cover my feet in sand and salt water. I talk to the people I meet along the way and listen to their stories. Every life has its pain and sorrow. I think, though, that the magic, the mystery, and the beauty far outweigh the pain. I wanted a place where I could share the magic and the beauty that I see. This is it.

I have good memories of the hikes we went on as a family when I was young. Below is a photo my Dad took of my Sister, my Mom, and me in 1967. I don’t know why I was reading a book. I love reading, but I think the scenery must have been more captivating than the book. I remember waking up to the scent of fresh air and pine. This might be why I open my kitchen window first thing in the morning and why the scent of pine makes me smile.

My sister, my mom, and me, 1967.

My sister, my mom, and me, 1967.

Take care and thanks for visiting.


8 Responses to About

  1. zirah1 says:

    Delightful! Thanks for a peak inside your life and world and soul.

  2. So lovely, Sarah, for you to share a bit about yourself here. That’s a nice photo of your family and of course your dad who is the photographer! Thanks so much fo your wonderful posts and photos… now we know where you got your talent from. My best to you! 🙂

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