Splashes of Color

May4Redbudtree1Sometimes, daydreams come true. I spent the winter protecting my mind from the cold by daydreaming of spring. On Sunday evening, the splashes of color in the flowers and the birds were a beautiful sunset come to life. The fresh air, the bird song, and the bright colors were exhilarating.

May4Daffodils1I stayed at the Arboretum for less than an hour because I was chilled and it was late. On the way back to the car, I saw birds collected at bird feeders behind a building. The bird feeders were in between a patio with picnic tables and a stand of evergreens.  The birds flew away as I approached.

BirdFeeders1I sat at one of the tables and waited. Eventually, a few birds flew back to the bird feeders and a few more hopped on the ground near them. I was admiring two gold finches when I spotted a bright orange bird in the trees. He flew closer and perched on the top of one of the bird feeders before flying away. I have only seen a Baltimore Oriole a few times before.

May4Oriole1May4Oriole2Take care and thanks for reading.



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