Clouds at Sunset

The clouds before the storm, April 26, 2014, "Clouds at Sunset."

I stopped to watch the clouds on my way home Saturday evening. A storm was on its way and the clouds were moving quickly across the sky.

The clouds before the storm, April 26 2014, "Clouds at Sunset."

The clouds before the storm, April 26, 2014 "Clouds at Sunset."

The clouds before the storm, April 26 2014, "Clouds at Sunset."

The clouds before the storm, April 26, 2014 "Clouds at Sunset."A robin perched in a nearby tree long enough for me to take his picture.

A robin at sunset, April 26, 2014, "Clouds at Sunset."

A robin at sunset.

A robin at sunset, April 26, 2014, "Clouds at Sunset." It was windy!

It was windy! The robin’s feathers were ruffled by the wind.

The temperature cooled down when the storm arrived. It has been raining since Saturday night. If the weather cooperates, next weekend’s trip will be to an arboretum. There should be flowering trees in bloom. There might be wildflowers.

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4 Responses to Clouds at Sunset

  1. Shady_Grady says:

    Those are really beautiful pictures. There is magnificence all around us if we only look.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Shady 🙂

      It is true that there is magic to be found if we only look 🙂 The rain in the last couple of days has turned the grass bright spring green. Quite a few of the trees have flowers on them now. I am looking forward to visiting the arboretum this weekend. I am hoping there will be a little break in the rain.

  2. alpuntogar says:

    Hi Sarah, as always beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing 🙂 I am off running since march and missing it terribly. Unfortunately it is even painful to walk sometimes so this will take time. I will get a scanning in a couple of weeks, and then probably surgery. For that reason I am not blogging for the time being. Tonight I decided to have a look at your blog. I like it because you transmit the beauty and tranquility of nature and life. Take care. Ana

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Ana 🙂
      I am happy you stopped by!! I have been wondering how you were doing running and otherwise. That is really too bad about your knee. The body is fascinatingly complex. I often think it is too bad we can’t see with our eyes what is happening inside our bodies. The signs it gives us are vague and easy to misinterpret or not take seriously enough. It sounds like you are being smart and paying attention. I hope it turns out well. Hopefully, you have other ways to relax and keep your balance while you wait to be able to go running again.

      I am glad you feel some of the peacefulness looking at photos that I feel when I am taking them. 🙂 I am going out in a few minutes over to the Arboretum to see if there are any flowering trees or wildflowers to admire. The flowering trees here burst into bloom and then disappear quickly. There are a few trees outside my apartment whose flowers have already disappeared. Good luck with your knee and everything else and I hope you stop by to visit and say hello again 🙂
      Take care.

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