What Is This I See?

Snow FlurriesSnowflakes are slowly falling outside of my window this afternoon. The cold weather has returned for a few days. I had to bundle up in the winter coat, the scarf and the mittens to run errands on Saturday. The warm weather of the last couple of weeks has melted the ice on the ponds I run by. One night, I heard a rustling and a splash. Another night, I saw the wake of a swimming beaver. At running time, the temperature is predicted to be 34 degrees with the wind out of the north at 10 mph. I still have the piles of winter running clothes on the shelf in the bedroom and the mittens and the hats in the tray by the door. The cold and the snowflakes haven’t made a dent in my spring excitement.

I soaked alfalfa seeds overnight and started another sprouting adventure this morning using a different method. It will have its own post later this afternoon or tomorrow. It seems a lot easier so far than the sprouting canister method I tried last week.

Take care and thanks for reading.


PS. This afternoon’s snow frosted the grass. The sidewalks were wet, but not yet frozen this evening. I ran 4 3/4 miles. I was thinking earlier in the day about going further, but the run started too late. For the first and the last 1/2 miles, I run on a sidewalk that goes in front of houses. It is a narrow sidewalk unlike the rest of the route. When I turned the corner for the last 1/2 mile, I was startled by a deep bass bark. I looked up. There was a man and two dogs on the sidewalk three houses away. I recognized the bark. The dog has barked at me from the backyard of a house further down the street a number of times this winter. He is a big dog. His head was at the man’s waist. I like dogs. I decided, though, that this evening wasn’t the time to meet this one. It was dark and I was tired. I detoured down the nearest driveway and out into the street. The man was bent over talking to the dog about being quiet as I passed by.

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2 Responses to What Is This I See?

  1. Shady_Grady says:

    My dog always barks at people that get too close to me. And she has a very expansive definition of “too close”. It actually snowed here this morning as well. I am more than ready for winter to be over though in four months when it’s 95 degrees I’ll be cursing that weather as well. Your running excursions are inspiring.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Shady šŸ™‚

      His bark certainly got my attention šŸ™‚ I was at the corner and the distance between us was about 2 1/2 driveways. It was dark enough that I could only see their silhouettes: the big dog on the left, the man in the middle, and a medium sized dog on the right. The man stopped when the dog barked, held his collar and bent down to talk to him. The smaller dog stood quietly watching. A dog owner holding his dog’s collar is a sign to me that I need to give them space šŸ™‚ And I did. Ran down the first driveway to the street and then back up to the sidewalk a driveway past them. I am not sure that I have heard such a deep bark before. I don’t know what breed the dog is. He appeared to be as big as a Great Dane, but his head looked like it was shaped differently.

      It has seemed like a long winter. The cold got started early here at least. It was a good run last night, though. The temperature was around freezing which doesn’t feel that cold compared to what it was like only a few weeks ago. The wind was relatively light. I was wearing my winter running shoes because of the cold. I also didn’t know what the pavement would be like and they have more traction than the warm weather running shoes. The stars were disappearing and reappearing behind the moving clouds. I looked for the beavers, but no sign of them last night. My legs were tired, but they still appreciated the exercise. We have one more cold day here and then it warms up to the 50s and maybe there will be a thunderstorm.

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