Favorite Breakfast Drink

Breakfast drink ingredients.

The picture above shows the ingredients of my current breakfast drink. The fruits change with the season. This morning, they were an apple and a kiwifruit. I bought a few kiwifruits on Saturday for a treat. During the summer, I might put in a few berries and a peach instead of the apple. My body can handle apples without any trouble so most of the time the fruit is an apple. The nuts and seeds were sunflower seeds (3 tsp), flax seeds (1 tsp), and a few walnuts. The liquid was one cup of Echinacea and Ginger herbal tea and 1 1/2 cups of distilled water. I have also used fruit juice instead of the tea or used all water. The star of the breakfast drink is the Super Food Plus (2 Tablespoons). Picture 4 shows the ingredient and nutrient information for the Super Food Plus. Thankfully, my body loves the Super Food Plus. At present, I have it three times a day either in a drink like the breakfast drink or sprinkled on vegetables. In addition, there was 1 teaspoon of Herbal Mucil Plus which is a fiber supplement. I think this breakfast drink tastes really good. It is filling enough to keep hunger away for about 3 hours.

Breakfast drink ingredients in blender.

Breakfast drink ingredients in blender.

Blended breakfast drink.

Blended breakfast drink.

Ingredient and nutrient information for Super Food Plus and Herbal Mucil Plus.

Ingredient and nutrient information for Super Food Plus and Herbal Mucil Plus.

I make the herbal tea ahead of time. This time, it was Echinacea and Ginger tea. I love the taste of the Echinacea and I like the zip from the Ginger. It steeped for 20 minutes for a strong flavor. The tea was then strained from the herbs into mason jars which cooled on the counter before being refrigerated.

Herbal Tea (1) Herbal Tea (2)It has been snowing lightly this afternoon. I am late today. Running time is going to be 8 pm. The temperature is predicted to be 21 degrees with the wind from the northeast giving a feels-like temperature of 12 degrees. The weather was nearly the same last night except for the snow. There were only a few ice and snow patches on the sidewalk. There is little accumulation expected from the snow this afternoon and evening. I am looking forward to going running. I had been feeling worn down by the cold and the snow. Last night’s run, though, was unexpectedly enjoyable and improved my mood considerably.

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One Response to Favorite Breakfast Drink

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Shady πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the link. I think a good way to approach eating is to have as wide a variety of nutrient dense foods as one can manage given availability and resources. I remember when I was in my late teens and twenties that fats of all sorts were thought to be bad. I didn’t eat nuts for that reason for years. But then, it was decided that some kinds of fats were helpful. People have all kinds of arguments about meat and dairy. I decided some years ago to step back from all the things I had absorbed from one source or another and reconsider the question of foods entirely. Here are a couple of my thoughts from that. (1) if you train yourself to listen to your body, then you can tell what works for it and what doesn’t. See how your body reacts to eating a particular food summed over hours, days, and weeks. Take meat as an example. I have read the arguments for and against. What I know is that it sits in my stomach like a rock. It makes my digestive system slow way down. It doesn’t make me feel energetic. For me, this is reason enough to not eat it. My body is telling me it can’t digest the meat and it doesn’t make it feel well. (2) All plants (other than the poisonous ones obviously) in their natural state have beneficial nutrients in them. The quantity of nutrients varies. Iceburg lettuce doesn’t have as many nutrients as kale. It seems the darker the color of the plant the more nutrients, but I am sure there are exceptions to that. I can think of one without much trouble and that is garlic which is beneficial on many fronts. Nuts and seeds are packed with nutrients because they are what would eventually become the plant. Many spices are beneficial in ways other than making food taste interesting. Different plants provide different nutrients. Taking all this into consideration is why I think having as wide a variety of plants as possible is a good plan. Look around the produce department at grocery store and try things out. See what works with one’s digestive system and find tastes that are appealing.

    I am really glad I found the Super Food Plus. I like to buy plants in their whole form so I know what I am getting. I don’t feel like I have to reinvent the wheel, though, when somebody else has done the hard work of putting something together that is beneficial. I read everything on Dr. Schulze’s web site to make a determination of whether he was who he said he was and that the products were genuine. I decided that he is the real deal and even more passionate about being healthy than I am. I have learned a lot in reading his blogs, books, and watching the videos. I consider finding the Super Food Plus and his blog to be one of the best things I have done. It is up there with starting to go running all those years ago.

    I remember that tea. I think it was Lipton and there was lemon and sugar in with the tea. Perhaps the sugar is why it tasted so good πŸ™‚

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