An Obstacle Course

Horse Oct 2003 (2)Shortly after posing for this picture, she shook her head and walked off. I think  she was expecting something other than a pat on the forehead and a little conversation. I didn’t think I was supposed to feed the horses so I didn’t bring apples for them.

Pumpkin SeedsI am taking a break from chore day to have a snack of pumpkin seeds and an apple. I bought a few pumpkin seeds at the store this morning. I haven’t eaten any since I was young. Back then, we roasted the seeds from the fresh pumpkins in the oven with a little salt. I am eating these seeds raw. I was slightly intimidated because they are so very green. I think they taste good, though.

Sidewalk Feb 17 2014The last two weeks have not been good for running. I have run more this winter than any winter in recent memory so I can’t be too disappointed. It was too cold and windy on a number of days. On other days, the sidewalk looked like an obstacle course. The third picture is the sidewalk on this last Monday. I really wanted to go running so I did. I had to run on the snow at the side of the sidewalk and on the snow covered grass and concentrate on every footfall. My enthusiasm only lasted 3 miles. We had messy sleet and snow on Thursday. Last night after looking at the driveways, I decided not to go. Today, I drove by where I run to check on the sidewalks. I think by tomorrow they will be alright. I am hoping for better running this week although I see a few cold days and some more snow in the forecast.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to An Obstacle Course

  1. Shady_Grady says:

    The horse was like “What’s in it for me, human?”

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Shady 🙂

      Yes. I know 🙂 I think she was very disappointed in me. I used to walk down the gravel drive that went by the horses frequently when I lived there. Every time I would stop to watch the horses, one or more would come over to the fence. I figured they wanted food or to be let out and I couldn’t do either 🙂 It was part of the University farms and I assumed their diet was regulated.

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