An Open Door

An Open Door.

The view out of the window yesterday was serene. The sky was clear and a bright robin’s egg blue. The wind had quieted down. Standing near the window, though, I could feel the intensity of the cold radiating from the glass. Every morning, I check the weather including the hourly forecast to see what it will be like at running time. I was debating all day whether to go running or not. According to the forecast, the temperature was going to be in the single digits with the feels-like temperature in the negative single digits and maybe as low as -10 degrees. My lower limit has been a feels-like temperature of zero degrees. I decided to add a few more layers and give it a try. I wore a second hat under the fleece one. I put on an additional pair of running tights and added another shirt. I felt squished in all the layers as I headed out of the door. It was a surprisingly pleasant run. I was plenty warm. This is good news. It means I can lower my limit by a little bit. At running time, the actual temperature was 4 degrees with a SSW wind of 7 mph giving a feels like temperature of – 8 degrees. My phone was not pleased, however. It turned itself off or crashed. I started bringing the phone when running last spring for safety. I wrap it in a bandana and put it in the pocket of my jacket in the winter or my shorts in the summer. Before then, I only brought keys and a water bottle.

It is a battle of the air masses here: the cold Canadian air versus the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico. Some years, one side or the other will prevail over most of the winter. This year, we are at the center of the skirmish. The temperatures have been going up and down dramatically every week. The weekend high temperatures are predicted to be in the 30s with another cool down to the single digits on Monday.

Day dreaming and running are both methods I use for intuitive problem solving. I didn’t set out to use them this way. I stumbled upon it. I don’t listen to music when I run. I pay attention. I pay attention to how my body feels, the way my muscles stretch and contract, and the flex of my feet as they hit the ground. I absorb the energy from the wind, the rain, the snow, and the warm or the cold air. I listen to the beating of my heart. I feel the intensity of my breathing. I notice my surroundings. I study and memorize. I have always been a day dreamer. Visiting memories of places where I felt happy brings both calm and energy. What I realized at some point along the way is that paying attention whether it is when I am running or when I am visiting a memory aids my unconscious mind in its problem solving efforts.  There are some problems that do not lend themselves to linear thinking. The path from here to there is not necessarily clear. I am currently looking for an open door. I believe it is there. The best I can see at this point is an out of focus image that might be another mirage. This is why I went running last night even though it might have been too cold.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to An Open Door

  1. Shady_Grady says:

    I saw someone bicycling the other day. I think it takes a special sort of dedication to exercise in the snow. Of course some might have other words for it…

    Seriously though everyone reaches their zen state differently. For me when I need to meditate or think deeply about something I find that music helps.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Shady 🙂

      It is true that life isn’t one size fits all. A lot of confusion comes about because people don’t realize we aren’t all wired the same. I think the trick is to find what works and practice it. I like listening to music, but it doesn’t help me think. It tends to mess with my emotions either up or down depending on the day and the song.

      After I finished stretching last night and looked at the pile of clothes I was about to put on to go running, the thought did occur to me that it might be rather fool-hardy. 🙂 The thing of it is that once I am out there as long as I am warm I am happy. It is certainly nicer to go without all the layers, but I forget about them pretty quickly. And then, when the warm weather arrives and I don’t have to wear the layers, I think “Wow. This is great!” 🙂

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