Sunset Surprise

Flowers June 2006 (2)Tonight’s sunset was a moment of wonder. Taking advantage of the warm temperatures, I was out running errands. There was one more stop before home. I looked at the sky to the east while watching traffic and saw pink, dark blue, and gray clouds. Turning my head, it looked like the western horizon was on fire: candle flame yellow, tangerine orange, rose petal pink, stormy seas dark blue, and purple like the flowers in the picture at top. Waves of color were woven across the sky from west to east. I was in awe. I wanted to say “Stop. Please. Let me get to an open place and out of my car so I can soak it in.” By the time I reached home, it was dark. I was so captivated by the sunset, I forgot the last stop. I unloaded the car and went back out.

I have been taking a few days off running. I irritated my sinuses on Tuesday’s cold and windy run. I went running on Wednesday. Thursday morning, though, I woke up with annoyed sinuses, watery eyes, and low energy. I figured it was time to give my body a little time to recuperate. I feel pretty good today and plan to resume running tomorrow.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Sunset Surprise

  1. Shady Grady says:

    Hi. I’m curious. What made you pick outdoor running as your primary activity.
    Did you ever consider things like indoor aerobics or weight/circuit training?

    Sunsets are indeed beautiful.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Shady 🙂

      I think it is being outside that makes running special for me. I feel really good when I am outside with the exception of the very cold and windy days. Running (or walking or hiking) outside lets me be myself in a way that few other things do. It is hard to explain. I have tried inside exercise at times. I was in college in the 80s and that was when the Jane Fonda aerobics craze was going on. I tried to do that with some friends. Uh nope. It reminded me of gym class which was the torment of my junior and high school days. I also went running on an indoor track a few times in college and didn’t enjoy it at all because of the going around and around in circles and the noise. That is one of my issues with gyms: the echoing of the noise and the TVs. I wouldn’t mind some weight training. That is on my to-do list. I haven’t found a way to do it yet that has stuck, though. Every time I learn something new, it takes time to make it a habit. Well. First, I have to figure out the What. And then I have to find a way to fit it into the day to make it a habit. I need to do some research or find somebody to help me figure out the weight training. Currently, my days are over full and I can’t afford to spend any money so it is on the maybe next year list. I do stretches for running and those include sit ups and sometimes I put in some push ups although they aren’t full push ups. I was jumping rope in the mornings but I stopped when I sprained my ankle. I think I could probably start that up again. Last Tuesday was definitely too much for my body so I have to revise my limits for running outside. I have run fine in those temperatures, but the wind made my face extra cold and that seems to have been too much.

      The sunset was really something. It was an entire sky affair. I haven’t seen that bright orange color in a long time. And there were airplane trails that picked up the colors along with the clouds. It has been cloudy most of the days lately. It was nice yesterday that the sun was out most of the day and it ended its visit in spectacular fashion. Today is another cloudy day and then it is back to the very cold temperatures.

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