Weathered Wood

Old Farm Building October 2003The weathered wood softened by the morning sun tells its story.

In October and November of 2003, I took photos of the country near where I lived then to send to my cousin and my grandmother. I was writing letters to them about what I saw when I was running or riding my bike. I wanted to show them in pictures what I had tried to describe in words.

Combine October 2003 (1)Two days before I took the first photo, they were harvesting the corn in the fields nearby. I stopped to take pictures. The man operating the Combine Harvester asked if I would like to ride in it down to the end of the field and back. I did. I imagine if you had to operate one all day for weeks it might become tedious, but I thought it was fun. I spent the time looking at how the Combine worked from the inside.

Combine October 2003 (2)On Sunday, the temperature reached 50 degrees. I opened the kitchen window to let in the fresh air. I find fresh air to be fortifying and calming. There wasn’t a melody of song birds to keep me company. I did hear the geese as they flew overhead a couple of times.

I had a piece of good news on Sunday. I weighed myself for the first time since the cold weather arrived. My weight has stayed the same. In theory, the scale also measures the percentage of fat in my body. According to the scale, although the weight has stayed the same, the percentage of fat has gone down. This is good news for a number of reasons. Since the cold weather arrived, I haven’t been running as much as I was in the summer and the fall. I would like to be, but there have been days when I couldn’t go due to the weather. I missed a few days because of the ankle sprain. I also shortened the runs when the weather turned colder. I don’t write down when I go running or how far so I don’t know exactly the reduction in miles. It could be as much as a half. The decrease in running miles without weight gain tells me that my attempts at intuitive eating are working so far at least.

I call it intuitive eating, but I am not sure if intuitive is the correct word. I looked up intuition in my paperback Webster’s New World Dictionary (2003). According to them, intuition is “the direct knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning.” I also looked up common sense. They say common sense is “good sense or practical judgement.” I think it is a combination of both. I have a base amount of food I eat each day which was chosen to give my body a certain level of nutrients. What I eat in addition to this base amount is determined by hunger. If I become too hungry, I will have a piece of fruit, a couple of nuts, a serving of vegetable broth, or a small amount of vegetables. I can’t define for you what “too hungry” means. This is the intuition or the practical judgment. I am only able to do this because of the food I eat these days. Two years ago this coming February, I changed what I was eating. I will write more about this later. Before then, hunger was a fickle and poor indicator of what my body needed. I couldn’t successfully use it as a measure of how much I needed to eat.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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One Response to Weathered Wood

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Shady 🙂

    It seems like a lot of places have trouble with geese. I read the article. I remember when I was young that seeing Canadian geese overhead flying south was a sign of fall and flying north a sign of spring. Now, they are around all year. The ponds that I run by are frozen over so they aren’t hanging out there now. During the summer, though, there would be days when I had to be careful to maneuver my way around the droppings. The flocks of geese I encountered this summer weren’t aggressive, though, and that might be because it was after mating season. In fact, I was surprised that I passed through them running and they were completely unfazed. The same could not be said when a man walking his dog passed them. The dog barked and they scattered speedily.

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