A Foggy Day

Early Morning Fog October 2003My mind woke foggy and preoccupied. It had someplace else to be today. It drifted out east for a while and then shifted through memories. My feet lead the way on this evening’s run. It was cold with the feels-like temperatures around zero degrees. It looked like pulled cotton had been flung across the northern sky. I could see the stars faint in the southern sky. I had to lean my head back to see the moon perched directly overhead. It was bright even though it is only at a quarter. I brought two water bottles full of hot Echinacea tea. I was planning on adding a mile if I felt up to it. I didn’t notice until my mitten was soaked that one of the water bottles was no longer closing all the way. I had to end the run early because the hand with the wet mitten was too cold.

When it turned colder, I shortened the run. I was going around 6 or 7 miles most days before then. This last month, it has been about 4.5 miles. My body seems to have gotten used to the cold so I thought I would add a mile or two back on.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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nature, outdoor, and health enthusiast, book reader, and story teller
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