Hot Water

Flowers June 2006 (1)I put hot Echinacea tea in the water bottle when I went running this evening. The last time it was this cold, the water in the top of the bottle froze before I had finished drinking all of the water. After stretching and getting dressed, I went to fill the water bottle and wondered if I should even bring it. It was sitting on the counter next to the tea kettle. Inspiration struck. I managed to drink all of the tea before it was cold enough to freeze. As an added bonus, it kept my hand warm for a while. Echinacea tea is a favorite. It was nice to have it to drink while I was out there.

When I finished running, the temperature was 15 degrees with a north wind of 17 mph making the feels-like temperature -2 degrees. I was warm enough. I am completely exhausted now, though. This is good. It should mean I will sleep well tonight. We are about to get a visit from some seriously cold northern air. Running has been suspended for a couple of days. I was thinking about the goldfinches while I was running. I read an article the other day on the web site of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology about goldfinches. I was wondering whether they had migrated south or stayed here for the winter. According to the map, they stayed for the winter. I hope they are tucked away out of the cold and wind. I am looking forward to seeing them again in the spring.

Take care, stay warm, and thanks for reading.


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