A Christmas Morning

Christmas SunriseGray clouds cover the sky. The dried leaves rustle along the pavement. In the chill, I quicken my step and remember the echoes of warmer days.

The first songbird to announce its presence last spring was the red-winged blackbird. Days later, he was joined by robins, gold finches, and others. They lifted their beaks in song from the wires, the fence posts, and the branches of the trees.

In my mind, I can see the flowering cherry trees of spring, the Queen Ann’s lace of summer, and the golden rod of fall. I can smell the newly turned earth, the cut grass, and the drying corn. I can feel the gentleness of the spring breeze, the heat of the summer sun, and the sharpness of the fall wind.

This morning’s sunrise broke the darkness with a golden sky layered in pink, purple, and blue. Each winter, I wait for the spring like the day waits for the sunrise.

Best of wishes for a Merry Christmas!


About Sarah

nature, outdoor, and health enthusiast, book reader, and story teller
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