A Man’s Best Friend

Our dog on a camping trip.

Our dog on a camping trip.

The weekend before this last one, I went to the grocery store on Saturday in the early afternoon. When I was leaving, an older man and his dog were tucked just inside the sliding glass doors. The dog was a cocker spaniel. She was wearing a bright red coat and waiving her tail vigorously at the passing customers. I knelt down, petted her head, and smiled at the older man. I think he must have been left to wait with his dog while his family shopped. It was a very cold day. I wouldn’t have wanted to leave a dog in the car without the heat on either.

I decided against trying to run on the icy sidewalks on Friday evening and went out to run errands instead. While I was loading my purchases into the trunk of the car, I felt like I was being watched. I looked up to find myself under observation by a small beagle. She was three cars away on the grass with her owner. Her brown eyes were focused on me. She was standing at attention with her tail halfway up and still. I smiled at the beagle and her owner. The woman smiled back. The beagle kept her gaze on me while I returned the cart to its area and went back to my car. I wanted to go over and say hello, but I decided not to. I thought it might alarm the woman to have a stranger approach to say hi to her dog.

My sister, our dog, and me, late 1970s.

My sister, our dog, and me, late 1970s.

We were lucky to have a dog live with us for a while when I was young. She had a white strip down the center of her nose and soft folded ears. She was originally my uncle’s dog. He moved into an apartment that didn’t allow dogs so she came out to live with us. She was a sweetheart. Our dog loved the camping and hiking trips we went on as a family. My Dad would pack up the car to the last square inch. My sister and I would be in the backseat with our dog in between us. I think the first picture was taken on one of those trips. The second picture was taken at Christmas time in the late 70s.

When I am running, I often see dogs and their owners out walking. The little ones jump up and down and bark at me. The larger ones give me a thoughtful glance or eagerly tug at their leashes wanting to come over and say hello.

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2 Responses to A Man’s Best Friend

  1. Shady_Grady says:

    My first dog was a toy poodle. When she was around 8 or so, we got another poodle, a standard one. The first poodle didn’t like this at all and used to bully the larger dog something fierce. However this stopped one weekend. The smaller dog had finished all of her food and went over to try to take the larger dog’s food. Suddenly there was this DEEP BASS growl and the smaller dog backed off. From that point forward there was a new leader among the dogs..

    Dogs are cool. It’s unfortunate they can’t live as long as we do.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Shady 🙂

      That’s a great story!! Many lessons in there 🙂 I agree dogs are cool. I would like to adopt one, but until then, I make friends with the ones I meet out and about.

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