A Country Road

Country Road

I used to go for early morning runs on this road. I have left the area, but it has stayed in my memory. The running route went by pastures with cattle, roadside wildflowers, fields of corn and alfalfa, and, if I went far enough, a farm with horses. There were birds and butterflies. Occasionally, I would see deer. Once, I saw a fox crossing the road far in the distance. A beaver was sitting upright a few feet from the road one morning by the trees seen on the left side of the picture. He watched me go by completely unconcerned. A couple of times, I startled a heron by a small stream. One Sunday in August 2004, I took my camera with me to photograph the roadside wildflowers.

Queen Anne's lace and chicory.

Queen Anne’s lace and chicory.



Queen Anne's lace.

Queen Anne’s lace.

Daisies and morning glories.

Daisies and morning glories.

Morning glories.

Morning glories.

It was too cold to run this evening. Tomorrow, it will be too cold as well. My legs are restless. They feel no need for a couple of days off. I will be back out on Tuesday. I was happily surprised to find no soreness this morning from last night’s run over the uneven grass.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to A Country Road

  1. Shady_Grady says:

    You have a good eye for items that photograph well.

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