Jumping Rope

Jumping RopeI added jumping rope to the day when the weather turned colder. I find it hard to pry myself out from under the pile of warm covers in the winter. I wake up to the alarm, turn it off, and then turn over and tuck my head under the covers. In the summer, I am happy to get up. I open the window in the kitchen to listen to the birds and breathe in the fresh air. I thought I would try counteracting the early morning cold with jumping rope. I fold the rug in the living room back and wear a pair of old running shoes I washed for inside use. I jump a number of times slowly with a hop in between the times when the rope comes around. Then, I jump the same number of times going fast with no intermediate hop. I repeat this until I am sweating or have had enough. My exercise these days is free form. When I was younger, I kept track of the number of miles I ran, the time, the weather conditions, how I felt, and how much I weighed. I don’t do that anymore. My aim now is to listen to my body. I think it is my mind’s job to figure out how to make my body happy. I apply this to motion, food, and sleep. If I am tired, then I need to sleep more or increase the amount or quality of nutrients. It isn’t time to have a strong cup of caffeinated tea or an espresso from the local coffee store. If my muscles are sore and tight, it means I need to stretch. When I run, I put my mind in my legs. I feel the energy flowing as the muscles stretch and then contract. I try to tread lightly paying attention to the flexing of my foot. I want exercising to be fun as well as a way of making myself stronger. Oddly, I find jumping rope fun. I breathe hard quickly and I can feel my heart beats. I play a game with myself to see how long I can go before I miss a jump and the rope hits my foot.

Take care and thanks for reading.


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