Favorite Herbal Teas

Tea Herbs (1)

I think tea made from the herb Echinacea tastes like cooked oatmeal and raisins. I told my sister this once in a phone call. There was silence on the line and then the question “Why is that a good thing?”

Last night, I was drinking a cup of Chamomile and Echinacea tea. I find this combination relaxing. I think Chamomile flowers smell like honey. My imagination thought the cup of tea was a steaming bowl of cooked oatmeal and raisins with honey drizzled on top. This used to be my breakfast during the winter when I was younger. This morning, the combination is Echinacea and Ginger Root. The Ginger Root gives it a nice early morning wake up kick.

A couple of years ago, I started ordering fresh herbs in bulk to make tea. I wanted to stop drinking caffeinated tea and needed a replacement. I think tea made from fresh herbs has a much deeper taste than when I have made it using store bought herbs in prepackaged tea bags. Buying the herbs in bulk is also economical.

Tea Herbs (2)My favorite herbs for tea are shown in the picture at the top of the post. I mix the Orange Peel with Peppermint. I like the Echinacea by itself or combined with either Ginger Root or Chamomile. The Chamomile has a pleasantly subtle taste. I sometimes make the tea by boiling either Ginger Root by itself or the combination of Ginger Root, Fennel, and Peppermint in water for 10 minutes on the stove and then straining the herbs.

I finally stopped drinking caffeinated tea at the beginning of this year. I still have some of the caffeinated tea bags in the cupboard for emergencies. I sleep better. A brisk walk in the cold or ten minutes of jumping rope wakes me up more effectively than caffeine ever did. The Ginger Root in the tea helps.

My framework for thinking about how to keep myself energetic, strong, and healthy is a triangular pyramid. The base of the pyramid is motion, sleep, and nutrition. The top of the pyramid is the mind. In order to feel well every day, I have to pay attention to all four. Growing older has meant that there is very little room for upset in any of these areas. For example, last Friday, the day’s stress was greater than my coping mechanisms. I couldn’t fall asleep and was tossing and turning all night long. Saturday was a very tired day. It has taken until today, Thursday, almost a week later before I feel like I have caught up on sleep. This morning, I feel both physically and mentally ready to go. This is why I decided I had to stop drinking the caffeinated tea. I don’t want to be purposely doing anything that makes feeling well harder. And the good news is that I don’t miss it. I love the taste of the herbal teas I make. I look forward to that first cup of Echinacea and Ginger Root tea when I wake up.

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3 Responses to Favorite Herbal Teas

  1. Shady_Grady says:

    I generally avoid herbal or de-caffeineated teas because they cause MONSTROUS headaches. I think I need a little caffeine in my life. My favorite tea is lapsang souching, which has a very smoky flavor.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Shady 🙂

      I have had lapsang souching tea. It is good. If you try to go off caffeine all at once, it does cause a headache. I eased myself off of it by reducing the amount a little each day. I do remember once back when I was drinking caffeinated tea each day trying this Detox Tea I now drink successfully and back then it gave me a bad headache. It doesn’t now. It has to do with the blood vessels in your brain being constricted and then opened. The herbs probably opened blood vessels the caffeine had restricted and the pain was the result. That is why going off caffeine all at once causes a headache. It is quite possible that Ginger Root tea would give you a headache. I doubt that Peppermint or Echinacea would. I really like the taste of the Echinacea tea all by itself. I do know about being wary of repeating past headache inducing mistakes. Believe me. There are plenty of foods that give me a bad headache these days and it is sufficient to make me stay far away from them. What I noticed when I went off the caffeine was that my head felt a lot better. I basically had caffeine in my system since college (coffee and tea) until January this year (tea) except for one short spell without any a decade ago. I was used to having the pressure in my head. It is the feeling like your brain is pushing against your skull only not as bad as a full blown headache. I didn’t even really register it. Now, it is gone. And I believe that my sleep is deeper and more restful. For me, that is really important. Getting a good night’s sleep and managing my mind are the two weak links at present. When my mind is tired everything goes poorly even if the rest of my body feels rested. This is one of the things I find interesting (or irritating perhaps) that my mind and my body are not necessarily on the same page.

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